Title: Moses – a story of adoption

Author: Johan P. Velema

Date: December 2016


Moses was an adopted child and this determined his entire life. In this article, we follow his development from a Hebrew baby and an Egyptian prince to a disillusioned refugee. He ends up as a shepherd of sheep wandering around in the desert where he finds inner peace and grows closer to God. Guided by his father in law, he begins to see his life in the perspective of the God that his biological father had worshiped. Eventually God meets with him and Moses becomes the leader of the Hebrew people, bringing them out of Egypt, organizing the community and shaping their identity as a people. Every stage of his life was necessary to prepare Moses for the task God had in store for him. More than birth or upbringing, God’s call gave Moses’ life meaning and identity.


Reference: Johan P. Velema. Moses – a story of adoption. Wageningen, Dec 2016.

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